Explore Most Common Jewelry Styles

Classic Stainless Steel Necklace

Using stainless steel 316L material,it’s eco-friendly and not easy to fade

Stainless Steel Earring

This style earring plating gold color,with pearl,fashion.

Natural stone bracelet

This style bracelet we using natural stone to design it

Natural stone bracelet

This plating gold stainless steel bracelet using natural stone to design

Stainless Steel Necklace

This type of  necklace is designed by our designer


Auto Bottom

Auto Bottom Box Style is a packaging type with an expandable bottom that is automatically sealed and locked manually without tape or glue. It is an ideal solution for quick and efficient packing.

Rustic Whistles Necklace Grandchild Cousins Necklace In Stainless Steel
Classic Stainless Steel rosegold Ring Plating Rose Gold With Zircon

Seal End

A box style with one end sealed with an adhesive material such as glue or tape. The other end remains open for filling and closing the box. Usually, the upper end is also sealed with glue or adhesive for added security.

Tuck Top

Tuck top boxes are constructed with two flaps that fold to the inside at the top and have an overlapping lip or tuck which locks them securely together.

Mailer Box

Mailer boxes have top and bottom flaps designed to close around the enclosed item.

These are designed to ship or mail items, giving them the name mailer box.

Pillow box

Pillow box style is rectangular packaging with two ends folded inwards to form a pillow-like structure.

It has an auto bottom base to provide stability and ease of assembly.

Display Box

Display boxes are fully opened from the top to make them ideal for showcasing items that require visual exposure in stores, exhibitions, and other marketing events.