Plain Sample

A plain sample is designed used to show the client, just see the follow samples

Stainless Steel Cuff Ring
Stainless Steel Bracelet

Various Inclusions

A plain sample may or may not comprise the following constituents depending upon the jewelry type you want to place an order for:

Jewelry size

Material of your choice

Process & Time

Reimbursement Policy

Do you find yourself asking, when can I get reimbursed? Often? With our reimbursement policy, you can feel confident that your payments will be made back to you promptly – usually within one week. Here are the details behind our generous and clear reimbursement policy, so you’re never left in the dark again.

Your minimum value for that order is USD 800, which excludes shipping per jewelry volume of 500 units per jewelry.
The minimum order placement of USD 1500 excludes the shipping cost per jewelry volume of 2000 jewelry units per jewelry type.

Revisions & Redesigns

Before you place your order for a plain sample, you must be aware of the revision and redesign aspects of your order and quote placement. Some aspects are liable to revision, and some are not. For instance, the changes in artwork once the task is final are not free. To save you from additional costs, you must double-check all the points before finalizing the quote.

For your convenience, we are giving some examples of the type of changes you may consider:

Types of Changes
The changes for which we would not cost anything:
  • Jewelry plating which color
  • Jewelry size.
  • Jewelry style.
Changes and alterations would cost you an additional fee.

Alterations in the:

  • Jewelry length
  • Size of the Jewelry
  • Material of the jewelry.

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